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June 2024

Unibuddy Quarterly Updates - Product Release Notes

New functionality for Unibuddy Chat

Update 01

Social login and sign up across Unibuddy

What: Prospective students can now effortlessly access Unibuddy Chat and Unibuddy Community using their Google and Apple credentials. Why: This streamlined sign-up process reduces friction, enhances engagement with institutions, and generates higher-quality leads. How: Students will have easy access to Unibuddy, enabling them to quickly connect with your institution’s ambassadors, ask questions, and gain valuable insights to make informed decisions.

New functionality for Unibuddy Community

Update 01

People Tab in Unibuddy Community

What: Students can now use the People tab in your Community platform, to easily browse, meet, and chat with a wider variety of their peers. Why: This feature boosts engagement across your communities with less manual effort. Students can discover more peers and tailor their social interactions based on personal preferences. How: The People tab includes a directory of all users in the community, which students can filter based on different areas of study, nationality and interests.

Update 02

Tracking student confidence over time

What: In the Community dashboard, admins can now track how student confidence scores have changed over time. Why: Every 30 days, students will be asked how confident they feel about enrolling at the institution. Admins can view the average score across all students, gaining insights into how conversion activities are influencing their confidence levels. How: If confidence levels drop, Admins can explore feedback on what would make students feel more assured and take action.