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March 2024

Unibuddy Updates - Quarterly Product Release Notes

New functionality for Unibuddy Chat

Update 01

Introducing Unibuddy’s Assistant

What: Unibuddy's AI-powered digital assistant immediately learns about students' needs and instantly connects them with the right information or person as soon as they visit your website. Why: Unlike traditional chatbots that often frustrate students with generic responses, Unibuddy’s Assistant engages them with personalized, human-like interactions. How: Easily embed Unibuddy’s Assistant code on the landing pages of your choice. Students are 7.5 times more likely to engage, saving your team 15.5 hours a day by handling basic, repetitive inquiries.

Update 02

New Unibuddy Ambassador App

What: A new and improved student ambassador app, rebuilt to resolve previous glitches and deliver a smoother user experience. Why: This upgraded version empowers ambassadors with the ability to create short-form video content, manage their inbox with enhanced features like resolving, replying to, and filtering conversations, and access a comprehensive resource library for viewing and sharing content. How: Students can download the new app using the App Store or Google Play store and log in using their existing credentials.

New functionality for Unibuddy Community

Update 01

Content in Unibuddy Community

What: Capture students' attention with ambassador-generated content displayed on the Community Explore tab. Why: Content allows students to get a feel for university life by reading blog posts and watching videos uploaded by ambassadors. It also serves as a great springboard for initiating conversations with peers. How: Content is pulled directly from the institution's Unibuddy Chat platform and automatically displayed across Community.