26 September 2019
Supporting students across their academic journey: why I joined Unibuddy

Having worked at a leading business school for close to 8 years, one of the most fulfilling aspects of my role was seeing the transformative effect studying for an MBA could have on the lives and careers of our students. It was hugely rewarding not only to see students fast-track and transition their careers, but also the profound personal impact of their experiences outside the classroom. 

Despite world-class teaching and support services, year after year our students would refer to their relationships with peers and the wider student community as one of the biggest drivers of satisfaction in their annual evaluations. The benefits and impact of these relationships were difficult to articulate through a prospectus or university website, but were clearly an integral part of the student experience. When speaking to prospects, it always felt difficult to truly do justice to the incredible student community we had on campus!

Given their value, there is an enormous benefit in facilitating these relationships between prospective and current students as early as possible in the student journey. Our admissions team would deploy ambassadors at open days and our alumni would even support us in interviewing and reviewing potential candidates through the recruitment process. We were always keen to expose potential applicants to our existing student and alumni community as often as possible, because we recognised what an asset they are.

I was drawn to Unibuddy because it provides a simple way of facilitating these peer-to-peer interactions that prospective students value so much. Rather than relying on open days or introductions via email, the Unibuddy platform empowers students to connect directly with the ambassadors they feel can address their specific questions and concerns. 

Deciding to complete an MBA is a huge life decision. It is not only a substantial financial investment, but can often require students to give up their existing job and relocate their family. Student ambassadors can play an integral role in ensuring that prospective students have the confidence and reassurance they need for the transition. They are best placed to address concerns about accommodation, local culture and social life, as well as articulate the less tangible benefits of studying at an institution in a truly authentic way.

Throughout my career, I have strived to support students across the various stages of their academic journey. Joining Unibuddy felt like a natural progression. Our mission is to empower students to make the right decision when selecting their university, and ultimately give them the best chance of success across the duration of their studies. 

If you wanted to know more about Unibuddy and how you could potentially implement our platform, drop me an email at [email protected]

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