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Unibuddy for International Student Recruitment

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If international students still can’t travel next year, why should we recruit them now?

Many international students are taking advantage of this extra interim time to weigh their options and more thoroughly vet their choices, so you’ll want to optimize on that by making sure you maintain contact with them.

Others are choosing to apply and then defer enrollment until they’re sure that they will be able to secure visas, travel to campus, or take their courses in person, which is another reason to stay connected.

How will Unibuddy help promote cultural diversity at my university?

Students’ friendship groups are often defined by nationality on campus, and this is especially true in the case of international students who seek out others with circumstances and cultural ideals that align with their own.

A diverse student body does not mean the education or even the campus is global in nature. What comes as an essential part of a truly global education is the inclusion of international students in communities and classes.

Of course, the goal is to ensure that the students are arriving at your university feeling confident and prepared to immerse themselves in university life. Peer-to-peer connections are the quintessential influencer in this process.

How can Unibuddy enable accessibility along the student journey?

The Unibuddy widget sits right on your website, the place where the majority of students are looking for information about your institution. This alone gives international students a direct path to quickly receiving the answers to the specific questions that they have about their unique concerns.

To say that international travel is expensive would be an understatement, as well as not entirely possible in many cases, even as we enter the post-COVID era. Unibuddy allows your prospective students free access to your most essential resources, and the real people they’re looking to form authentic connections with.

Can international students filter their search to find ambassadors from their home country on the widget?

They can! We understand that finding the right cultural fit is extremely important for international students. The Unibuddy widget allows prospective students to do just this, creating the opportunity for them to easily interact with someone from a similar background without traveling to your campus to locate and speak with them in person.

Not only this, but you can customize your filters to include a variety of other categories besides home country, like specific major, course or department, extracurricular activities, and any other distinctions that suit your needs.

What other platforms can Unibuddy help me utilize to connect my students with more international prospects?

Through Unibuddy Discover, you have access to platforms like Study in the USA, UCAS, Libereka,, and College Board, where you can place your Unibuddy widget on a central point of information for students all around the world.

This is how we bring together Unibuddy’s technology and the most trusted service providers and resources. The power of the Unibuddy platform and the strength of our Discover platforms’ reach provides an even earlier opportunity to create an emotional connection with more students.

You can increase your institution’s visibility and interact with a much wider network of international prospects by harnessing the voice of your student ambassadors.

How can Unibuddy help offset my institution’s carbon footprint?

Since Unibuddy allows students to connect with your staff and student ambassadors from afar, there is less incentive for them to travel internationally to your campus for events like Admitted Students Days or campus tours.

This gives them the freedom to choose when they will fly, drive, or use another method of transportation to visit your school, rather than leaving them no choice but to do so.

Meeting and connecting with students, getting a feel for the campus culture to spark that sense of belonging, and the chance to be reassured about their decision to attend your university are all digital possibilities instead.

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