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Goodbye clunky websites, hello easy navigation.

Stop losing students in your enrollment funnel. Increase conversion by guiding them to the right resource, and right person, at the right time as soon as they land on your institution's website.


increase in the likelihood to enroll with Unibuddy

NYU Tandon School of Engineering


Conversion Rate with Unibuddy compared to 18% average

Top UK Business School


conversion rate to application for students who engaged in Unibuddy

Graduate School of Education at the University at Buffalo

Share the authentic voice of your university community

Students are looking for a heap of information when they’re visiting your site: maps, FAQs, and financial support. But nothing quite beats the honest, unfiltered view of real students, alumni, staff, or faculty with unique experiences. Help students move smoothly through their journey with you and increase their confidence in applying.


Speed up the conversion process with the AI-powered enrollment Assistant.

Accurate answers that sound human 

Your AI-powered Assistant knows enough information about your institution to answer top-level, factual prospect questions; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’re the source of truth – the Assistant can only answer questions using data from your site, which means it can never make things up or get things wrong. 


Authenticity championed every.single.time 

Unlike ordinary chatbots, prospective students are drawn in from the moment they land on your site, with questions to learn about their needs. Plus, your Assistant will always connect students to the right human when they need subjective, more nuanced information and guidance. 


Scale your student ambassador's voice with user-generated content

Help prospective students see your school through your student ambassadors’ eyes using the power of video, blogs, and unique stories for engagement like never before. Once this compelling content is created, download it to share across your marketing channels.

Collect signals and insights on individual prospective students

Know your students, inside out, with GPT/OpenAI-powered conversation summaries and confidence scores. Learn what motivates students, what excites them about studying with you, and how positive they feel about choosing you so you can find your best-fit students and personalize their experience. 

See the bigger picture

The data doesn’t stop there – bring these insights into your CRM through our integrations with Slate, Zapier, Campus Management, and more! Learn which programs students are interested in, the stage of their enrollment funnel, and how they interact with your ambassadors.

Get started with Unibuddy Chat

We’re here to answer your questions and help you get started. Contact us to book a product demo.