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Build friendships, boost enrollment

Unibuddy Community is the official hub for incoming students to connect before they set foot on campus, so they can thrive as they transition into college life.

Create student communities buzzing with excitement

Zero effort, maximum impact

No bandwidth? No worries. Our dedicated engagement specialist is here to take the hard work off your hands and help you build and maintain a thriving student community.


Empowering student connections

We’ll connect students with one another based on their profile – you won’t have to lift a finger. We also recommend best-fit groups for students to join based on their selected criteria.

Crank up student confidence in higher ed

Over 90% of students feel nervous between enrolling and arriving at college or university, and just 1 in 4 feel excited about higher ed. Use confidence scores in your dashboard to gauge a student’s likelihood to enroll, and the support they need from you to move forward.

See why higher ed institutions love Unibuddy

% increase

in undergraduate enrollment for the University of Leicester after implementing Unibuddy Community.

% increase

for National College of Ireland after switching from Facebook groups to Unibuddy Community.


of enrolled students rated Unibuddy Community a 3-5 out of 5 rating for it’s influential role in their enrollment choices.

Balanced control for student safety

Learn what students are most concerned about or what they need from you to choose your institution, so you can tailor your updates accordingly. You’ll have visibility into student communities while creating experiences where student privacy is respected.

  • Conversation insights
  • Engagement data
  • Safeguarding measures
  • CRM integration

So, why choose Unibuddy Community over competitive alternatives?

Unibuddy Community

Alternative Apps

Social Media

No social media account connection necessary

Official branding for the institution

Admin visibility into public groups

GDPR compliant

Access via web platform and mobile app

Autonomy to create and manage your community and groups

Monitor and jump into conversations

Admin visibility into private group names

Admin visibility into student engagement and usage

A dedicated updates channel to broadcast messages

Surface trending topics using machine learning

Automatically connect like-minded students

Ongoing support and benchmarking insights to optimise your community

Safeguarding measures specific to higher ed

CRM integration

Unlimited communities and chats

Frequently Asked Questions About Unibuddy Community

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