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Use the voices of your biggest fans

More effectively convert prospective students that are exploring your website into applicants by providing access to current students, staff, and faculty.

So, how do prospective students connect with you?

Sample screenshot of available student ambassadors on sample university site via Unibuddy


Your prospective students explore your institution’s website. We add detailed ambassador profiles to your site, which include information on their academic background, country, interests, and hobbies.

Sample screenshot of registration page for Unibuddy Chat new user

Sign up

Your prospective students sign up. We ask them for their contact details, the courses they’re interested in, and the country they come from. You can customize and add to these fields too, so you can better understand your prospect pool.

Sample screenshot of conversation between student ambassador and prospective student


Prospective students filter their search and choose who to speak to based on their needs and interests — from student ambassadors to staff. Conversations can happen from anywhere using the Unibuddy app too.

Balance hard facts with human connection

Give prospective students access to the not-so-easy information when they visit your website. You share the data and facts about your school or university — let your students share the experience.
Sample of two Unibuddy student ambassador profile cards

Less workload, 
happier students

Take the legwork out of matching prospective students with people who can answer their questions. Instead, give them the opportunity to self-select who they want to connect with based on preference.

Your story — without 
a filter

Let current students say it as it is and share their personal experience through a wide range of shareable content that your prospective students pay attention to.

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See the bigger picture

Learn where students are coming from, what they’re interested in, and what they want to see from you so you can proactively use this in your marketing. Then bring these insights into your CRM through our integrations with Slate, Zapier, Campus Management, and more!

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of Unibuddy users went on to deposit their student enrollment fee

University of Southern California
 Viterbi School of Engineering


of prospective students who chatted with a current student went on to apply

Swedish University of 
Agricultural Sciences

1 in 3

Unibuddy users went on to apply

University of Southampton

“Initially I was confused about what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go. But after speaking to another student, understanding their experience and how passionate and positive they were about the school and course, it influenced my decision tremendously!”


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