With Unibuddy’s technology, bring humanity and direct experience to your international prospects.

Drive conversion, wherever your prospects are

Reassure and encourage with real experiences

61% want to connect with existing international students to ask questions (QS International Student Survey)

Understand your students

Give them the confidence to make the leap

“I was worried about so many things, including class, language barrier, transportation, community, etc. Unibuddy helped to clarify all those questions. I am now less worried than before and very excited to be part of the university.”

Unibuddy user survey 2019

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Engage students every step of the way

The University of South Australia wanted to engage digitally with prospects – and so they turned to Unibuddy. The result? Hundreds of prospects attracted to UniSA from 36 different countries, in just 3 months.

Read the case study – here