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International Recruitment

Global recruitment, reimagined

Promote a bonafide perspective of your institution by fostering personal connections that reach students in all corners of the world. All while diversifying your outreach and creating a smooth transition into student life.

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go global


of international students have questions they want to direct to current students

QS International Survey


of international students would feel less worried about studying abroad if they could ask questions to other international students

QS International Survey

Sample Unibuddy student profile card
Sample Unibuddy student profile card
Sample Unibuddy student profile card
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Sample Unibuddy student profile card

It’s time to see the bigger picture

Access new markets with an inclusive strategy that spans overseas. And consolidate your commitment to educational equity with a more diverse intake.
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Bring your events to them (not the other way round)

Make information and insights accessible to students who can’t visit in-person. Create an opportunity for virtual connection that closes the gap between continents.

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Speak their language

Available in 10 languages — from French Canadian to Spanish and Mandarin — Unibuddy Chat puts your international students first, helping you connect with a diverse audience.

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Make international students feel at home

International students aren’t just choosing an institution; they’re choosing a country. Connect them with someone whose journey mirrors their own to reassure them and inspire a sense of belonging.

“I was worried about so many things, including class, language barrier, transportation, community. Unibuddy helped to clarify all those questions. I am now less worried than before and very excited to be part of it.”

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Recruit like it’s 2023

Empower students to choose their future with confidence. Get all the tools you need (and the insights you want) to connect with prospective students and provide them with personal support throughout the entire enrollment cycle.

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