Show prospective students university life being lived by people just like them with user generated content.

Real experiences

89% - Said that they felt more confident about their university choice after using Unibuddy Unibuddy user survey 2018

Build confidence

Finally, scale interaction with your most powerful role models - your student ambassadors

Create a level playing field

Chatting with a uni student ambassador cemented my confidence in my decision to enrol at university and gave me the guidance I needed to make an informed and nice transitioninto uni life.”

Unibuddy user survey 2019

1 in 5 students NEVER feel represented in student advertising

Create a sense of belonging

Discover why Homerton College, Cambridge University, are using Unibuddy as a way to break down barriers with students from underrepresented backgrounds – link to case study’s own landing page

Support your students at every stage with Unibuddy