Unibuddy Live

Live chat at every stage of the journey. Attract, reassure and retain with Unibuddy Live. Schedule real-time group and 1-2-1 chat between prospects, ambassadors and enquiry staff team.

Unibuddy Live

Tailor your group chats

Attract specific audiences such as International and create bespoke threads on topics such as accommodation.

Invite your prospects

Invite prospects at any stage of the recruitment cycle: from enquirer to admitted student to pre-enrollment.

Following a simple signup form, contact details and interests are collected and sent straight to your admin dashboard.

Monitor, respond and engage

Follow the live conversation between staff, ambassadors and prospects and respond to enquiries with your own university account. Access the chat transcript and prospects’ data to tailor post-event marketing. Prospects are invited to chat with the staff and ambassadors they met during the event in the main platform.

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