Unibuddy Chat

Our platform is fully mobile responsive and can be added to any page of your website without interfering with its content.

Unibuddy Chat

Connect Prospects

Detailed profiles contain information about your ambassadors – such as their academic background, interests, hobbies, societies they are in and blogs they have written. Prospects can select the ambassador they want to talk to.

Conversations are 46% longer when prospects and ambassadors are from the same course and country.

Capture Contact Details

We potential students for their contact details, the courses they are interested in, as well as the country they come from. Unibuddy captures on average 10% of visitor traffic to the platform.

Conversion is 5.1x higher for Unibuddy chat than a typical landing page

Start a Conversation

Prospects are notified by email, text message, or via their favourite instant messaging app as soon as they receive a reply.

47% of Unibuddy chatters went on to apply

Read Blogs and Watch Vlogs

Your ambassadors can let their personality shine by posting their own blogs and vlogs about life at your institution.

Demand for digital content such as videos is “skyrocketing” among prospects.

Analyse Leads and Data

Our machine learning algorithm analyses conversations to measure engagement and understand what your prospects are talking about.

34.8% more likely to enrol after using Unibuddy

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