12 October 2020
Finding a chat app for your student ambassadors

You know the power of chat. Conversational marketing is all the rage, and research is time and time again showing us that human interactions are the most influential aspect of decision making. So, what’s the best chat app for student ambassadors?

When you’re considering getting a chat app for your institution, there are a few things you should consider. 

But firstly, who will be on the other side of your chat app? 

The power of student ambassadors

More and more universities are utilizing their current students as their best advocates and ambassadors. But what is a student ambassador? And how can they help boost your enrollment?

When you’re booking a holiday, or deciding where to go out for dinner, we often go online and read reviews of people who have been there recently. 

And when your prospective students are deciding where to study, they want the exact same thing! They want to speak to students who are currently there, studying their degree and living the experience. 

That’s where student ambassadors come in. They are your on-campus advocates, living the experience right now, who can share that with prospective students considering studying at your institution. 

According to a recent survey of 32,000 prospective students from around the world conducted by the Higher Education search engine, educations.com, students, at both postgraduate and undergraduate level, are increasingly turning to student reviews to inform their decision about university. Their interest in rankings is waning, but their desire for digital content such as videos is “skyrocketing”.

We always profess the power of the current student voice as your best advocate. But whether you’re looking for a chat app for ambassadors to chat to students, students to chat to each other, or staff and students to chat – here are some things to consider. 

Choosing the right chat app for student ambassadors

Now you know that student ambassadors can impact your enrollment marketing, what app is right for you? 

There are literally hundreds of chat apps out there. You could consider using Facebook Messenger or email, even, for connecting prospective students with a university advocate. 

But what you really need is a tool that is built for Higher Education. And the reason for that is Higher Education is a sector like no other. You don’t have customers, you have students – and students have a unique decision making process, a unique set of challenges and concerns. A Higher Education is the biggest decision many young people will have ever made, and an enormous investment. 

So, while we might take inspiration from clothes stores and grocery stores, you can’t compare buying a new dress with picking an institution for your next four or more years of study. 

So look for a chat app that is built for Higher Education, where you will get support from people who know your sector, and the language of the app matches the language that your prospective student users are familiar with. 

Grab the narrative! 

Students are talking about your institution – they are sharing their experience over Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit – even TikTok! 

This can be a scary thought – hundreds of students having private conversations that are impacting the decisions of your prospective students. 

But it doesn’t have to be scary. If you recruit the right student ambassadors, and if you pick the right chat app for those ambassadors, then you can grab the narrative! Gain insights from it, make sure the information is accurate, and keep your advocates and prospects safe


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