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Said that they felt more confident about their university choice after using Unibuddy
Unibuddy user survey 2018

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“Chatting with a uni student ambassador cemented my confidence in my decision to enrol at university and gave me the guidance I needed to make an informed and nice transition into uni life.”

Unibuddy user survey 2019

1 in 5

students NEVER feel represented in student advertising.
Intead report, Peer-to-Peer Student

Create a sense of belonging

65% of students applied to the university where they had chatted with an ambassador,

Intead report, Peer-to-Peer Student

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Why should I become a student ambassador?
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05 April 2021 Staff ambassadors: tips for writing the most engaging blogs Unibuddy’s blogging function is no longer exclusive to [...]
What is a student ambassador?
19 November 2020 What is a student ambassador? More and more universities are utilizing their current students as their best [...]

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