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There are plenty of qualities that you are used to looking for in your student ambassadors, but if you’re new to digital student ambassador programs you might be unsure of what to be looking for.

Finding ambassadors is the first (and arguably easiest) step in establishing a university ambassador program. There are enthusiastic students on every campus, loads of whom are looking for opportunities to build their skills and experience. But what should you be looking for?

What to look for in a digital student ambassador?

Many of the skills are similar – but there are some different ones and some that might surprise you. Here is our rundown.

Ambassador recruitment doesn’t need to be difficult. It’s essential to get the right processes in place and a good idea of what skills are key. And of course, it’s absolutely worth it — a university is only considered as good as its students and staff when it comes to the crunch. After all, it’s why UK HE invests so much in open days. Take your ambassadors online, and it’s even more important that you’ve got the best and most honest representatives of what it feels like to belong.

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